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How to slow down and really READ a book


Apr 14, 2023

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Last weekend I attended Nick Milo's How to Work a Book webinar. I was skeptical that I would actually learn anything new, but I came away from that event with an entirely fresh perspective on how to approach reading non-fiction books.

One of the most helpful insights was his explanation of why we should read non-fiction books. What is the goal? The main goals are: to learn, to remember and to apply. It's not to take the most highlights or write the best literature notes.

It was a great reminder for someone like me who gets obsessed with reading and learning as much as I can that it is important to slow down and take your time with a good book. Nick also described the practice of "working a book" as a conversation with a good friend. As you read, you should keep a list of questions and answers that you find as you converse with the book.

Overall, I highly recommend the webinar. I have completely changed the way I think about reading non-fiction books and I have thoroughly enjoyed the note-making process as I read new books — slowing down enough to ask thoughtful questions AND making a plan to actually act on the things I learn.

Check out the webinar: How to Work a Book

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