The Beef Wellington Plan

A compelling argument for the power of ultralearning, a learning strategy that emphasizes self-directed, intensive, and strategic skill acquisition.


Apr 12, 2024

Photo by Loija Nguyen / Unsplash

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I believe it is possible to learn and do almost anything if you have a plan. For example, Beef Wellington is one of the most difficult recipes to master. I can pull up a number of Youtube videos devoted to the craft of making Beef Wellington. Then through a consistent commitment to active practice and experimentation, I could eventually get really good at making this dish.

The key is to have the self-discipline and determination to commit to the learning process. You can't achieve greatness and mastery without setting ambitious goals and focusing on daily practice rather than just passive learning. New skills and subjects will not just come to you through a lightning strike.

Scott Young's book Ultralearning gave me a great roadmap for approaching any new learning journey. Through Young's framework, I have drastically improved my knowledge and experience in multiple areas, including: javascript development, business acumen, theology and playing guitar.

Here are the key principles of ultralearning:

This roadmap has allowed me to push past my comfort zone and be more strategic with my learning time. I think learning HOW to learn has become one of my greatest strengths.

The ultralearning framework, as outlined by Scott Young, is a powerful tool for individuals seeking to master new skills and subjects rapidly. Learning how to learn effectively may be one of the most valuable skills of all, empowering you to tackle new challenges with confidence and focus.

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