Lessons from my Book Search Tool

I recently built myself a book search tool and I learned a lot in the process.


Jul 7, 2023

1 min read

Recently, I built a web app for personal use that allows me to query the Google Book Search API and then send results to my Notion Book database. The book cover images that Google sends back are small and ugly so they looked blown up and pixelated once they arrived in Notion.

So, I thought… I bet I could whip up an image service that takes that original image from Google, finds the dominant color used in the image to create a colorful background and exports a new image… WRONG.

A week later and after probably over 5 hours of research and coding I did finally find a solution and my Notion Book database looks beautiful, but I learned a LOT in the process:

I learn so much from personal projects like these. They’re fun because I have the drive and passion to solve a complex problem for myself and I stress test my javascript knowledge along the way.

The final product in Notion
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