Design Ops

Learning about design operations


Feb 28, 2023

1 min read

As a web designer I have always lived between two worlds. On one side there’s the open and creative world of design. On the other side is the structured and rule-based order of web development.

I recently discovered a whole new field of practice called DesignOps that seeks to bring order and process to creative teams.

What is design ops?

Design ops takes into account the fact that there are humans involved in design. There are designers doing the work and there are customers responding to the designs.

The goal of design ops then, is to streamline and bring order to the people, processes, and craft of design. Ideally, this process will lead to scalable and repeatable patterns that amplify the value of design.

This might look like documenting the organizational structure of the design team, defining rituals and meetings that help to create a creative environment or standardizing hiring and career development.

Screenshot of my team's Design Ops Notion Dashboard

Why design ops?

Ultimately there are three questions that design ops seeks to answer: 1.) How do we work together? 2.) How do we get our work done and 3.) How does our work create impact?

This framework has helped me to get a handle on ways we can improve our work on the design team. It's also provided a ruler for us to measure against and a blueprint for making long-term strategic plans.

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