Cracking the Curiosity Code

The science of curiosity


Mar 17, 2024

1 min read

Book Summary in 3 Sentences

  1. Curiosity is an important part of life.
  2. Curiosity affects innovation, creativity, leadership and can even lead to a more meaningful life.
  3. Some think that curiosity and our ability to learn dulls with age but the truth is that we choose or allow the choice of curiosity to be made for us.

Who Should Read It

Anyone with a desire to learn more and to understand how the drive to learn more can make your life better. As I mentioned above, the book dives into how curiosity affects many different areas of our lives and can drastically improve the types of friendships we have, the jobs we have and more.

Ideas to Implement

The authors of the book developed what they call the Curiosity Code Index. It is an assessment that measures the effects of four domains: Fear, Assumptions, Technology, and Environment and how these domains affect your curiosity and interest in exploring. Understanding how these domains impact your curiosity can help you develop a more robust and childlike curiosity.

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