Ross Gebhart


This is a collection of the random thoughts I have that are worth writing down about music, news, coding, and books I've read.

Whitelisting WP Engine Email

Several clients recently have had issues sending email from WP Engine. Discovered the issue is that email domains must be whitelisted with an SPF DNS record.

v=spf1 ~all

Finished reading Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett and it was a very thrilling and fascinating new fantasy novel. Bennett's worldbuilding and magic system are on par with Brandon Sanderson's skills. In fact, this book reminded me a lot of Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy. Unfortunately, this is a trilogy that I came into the middle of so I'll have to wait for the remaining entries.

Goodbye Google

In light of all the news around privacy, I made the decision to migrate to services that value privacy. This means I am saying goodbye to Google (Gmail, Photos, Android, etc). I choose Apple Photos for my photo library, an email service called Fastmail that allows me to use a custom domain, and I’m still in the process of migrating other services. Here’s a great guide from DuckDuckGo.

Sharon Van Etten

I love Sharon Van Etten’s latest album. This duo with Norah Jones on The Late Show was a marvelous surprise:

Digital Privacy

These WaPo articles have me thinking about my digital privacy and the lengths we have to go these days to protect it:

While You Sleep, Your Phone Snoops

Google Chrome is Spying on You

My Favorite Album of 2019

This fourth Bon Iver album is such a great mashup of For Emma's folk sensibility, the Self-Titled's magnificent orchestration, and 22 A Million's sampled bombast.