On Ending Well

How to end well and create meaning

September 24, 2022

Endings are a natural part of life. Even our physical bodies are programmed with an expiration date.

See you later
Goodbyes are not forever

Endings usually mean change — the loss of a relationship, quitting a job. Change is hard, but it can lead to new growth that takes us from our current situation to something even better.

A close friend and mentor once shared with me that how we end things matters. Everything ends eventually, but how we greet that end can bring about greater meaning.

How do we leave well?

Instead of dwelling on the past or escaping to the future, endings present us with an opportunity to be more fully in the present.

We can choose activities that help us cultivate gratitude — like hanging out with a good friend or enjoying a meal.

Ultimately, taking the time to reflect on the good things in our life can be a great way to end things well.

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