Think Better

A book about solving problems

Tim Hurson

Book Summary in 3 Sentences

This book is largely about how biology and evolution have made our brains lazy. In order to break out of habitual, lazy thinking we have to take extra steps to think productively. So Tim created "The Productive Thinking Model" to improve critical thinking and problem solving.

Who Should Read It

Anyone with a problem. Lol — but for sure anyone who needs to manage projects and make big decisions about those projects in a methodical and innovative manner.

Ideas to Implement

I created a short script for "Defining the Problem" based on Tim's method that I can quickly drop into any project documentation. Follow the model for better thinking:

1. Define the problem
2. Define success
3. Define the "question"
4. Generate answers
5. Forge the solution

Top 3 Quotes

  • You can visualize reproductive thinking on a continuum. At one end is mindless repetition, in the middle is conscious systematization, and at the other end is incremental improvement, or kaizen thinking.
  • Productive thinking is radically different. Reproductive thinking can fashion the perfect buggy whip, but only productive thinking can imagine a car.
  • Productive thinking requires us not to rush to answers but to hang back, to keep asking new questions even when the answers to the old ones seem so clear, so obvious, so right.

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